Division of Student Affairs organizes “Pride Art for All” event on creative space.

Division of Student Affairs in collaboration with School of Architecture and Fine Arts conducted a multicultural aesthetic activity for students, "Pride Art for All" during September 17-18, 2022 with the aim of enabling students to apply artistic values for the equality at the surf skate cord, a creative space for exercise, recreation and relaxation for students. The event was honored by Mr.Thawee Seriwat and Asst. Prof. Nithis Wanichbun, lecturer from School of Architecture and Fine Arts to give a lecture about Layout Design, painting techniques for artists.

The event is open for students of all genders to share ideas by drawing from now to October 21, 2022, where students can use equipment and paint to relax from the exam and it is also mental health treatment.

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  • E-mail: DOGA@UP.AC.TH
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